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Kiehls Associate Tablet
& User App

Kiehls asked us (Kinetic Cafe) to evaluate their current retail experience both physical and digital and recommend where they could improve and embrace new technology. The project involved a lot of up front research with Kiehls store staff, Kiehls management and their customers.

Not unlike the LCBO project, we started by mapping out the current customer experience and then identifying areas where there were issues and opportunities to improve the experience. From customer intercepts, customer questionnaire feedback and focus groups we determined that Kiehls customers felt that because of the higher price point of the Kiehls products, they expected a more personalized experience when returning to their store. They expected that the KCR's to know their product preferences and skin types. This was sometimes the case but when a KCR moved stores or left Kiehls that valuable customer information often left with the associate.

The KCR's were not saving the informaton they were gathering when administering the Kiehls Skin Consultation, but handing script over to the user to take home. This was a huge lost opportunity at retaining key customer information thus presented itself as key insight to improve for both the Kiehls staff and their customers.

The Kiehl's application will be used by Kiehl's associates across all of Kiehl's stores in Canada within 2018.